Welcome to the IETS 2021 Virtual Conference

Welcome to the 1st IETS virtual meeting. Thanks to the energy of our scientific chairs, to the commitment of IETS Board, Foundation and Morula members and with the help of our executive secretary, IETS is able to take place in 2021. We wish you a very rich and enjoyable scientific meeting with lots of exchanges.

Pascale Chavatte-Palmer, IETS president

On behalf of the IETS, we would like to extend a warm invitation to all IETS members to join us for the 47th annual conference of the IETS, January 18-21, 2021. The meeting was supposed to take place in Lima Peru, but due to COVID 19 it has been changed into a virtual meeting.

The program theme, " Embryo Technologies in a Changing Climate”; includes the following topics:

● sustainable and safe food production
● local food production
● heat stress and tropical diseases
● stopping time in reproduction
● artificial gametes

There will be a Practitioners’ Forum, as well as a parallel session from CANDES on new world camelids. The DABE preconference symposium will take place on Monday, January 18, with a focus on Extracellular vesicles in biomedical embryology. The three topics for the Practitioners forum are the use of FSH for ovum pick up, the benefits of OPU-IVP over Ai and the use of very young donors for OPU.

Details about the program, including the invited speakers and titles of their presentations, are available here.

We do hope you will be able to join us in corona-proof conditions from behind your computers for this exciting and educational conference. Please keep safe and see you soon!

Ann Van Soom and Patrick Blondin

IETS Program Chair

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