Daniela Demetrio

Daniela received her DVM degree in 1999 and her Master of Science degree (Animal Reproduction) in 2006 from the Sao Paulo State University, Brazil. Her passion for bovine embryo production started in 2000 when she learned to transfer embryos and flush cows. She became part of an embryo transfer practice in 2001, and her first exposure to in vitro embryo production was in 2002 during a training in Japan. IVF became a part of her practice in 2003. She received the award for Best Applied Science Research from the Brazilian Embryo Transfer Association (SBTE) in 2006 for her work comparing AI and ET in lactating Holstein cow recipients.

In 2006, Daniela and her husband Julio were invited by the Maddox family to set up Ruann’s IVF lab in Riverdale, California. In 2008, they decided to make USA their new home. She obtained her California veterinary license in 2011, the AETA certification in 2012, has been the Chair of the AETA Stats Committee since 2016. This October, she was elected for the Board of Directors of the American Embryo Transfer Association.

As the RuAnn Genetics Bovine Embryo Transfer Program Director, Dr Demetrio is responsible for the production and transfer of approximately 8,000 to 10,000 Holstein and Jersey embryos per year (in vivo and in vitro), for in house use, to other local farmers and to be exported worldwide. 

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