Daniel Angel Velez

Ghent University

I graduated as a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine in 2009 at CES University (Medellín, Colombia). After graduation from vet school, I became the resident veterinarian at one of the biggest equine farms in Colombia. During that time, I was in charge of the embryo transfer program, sperm freezing, mares´ pregnancy diagnosis, foaling of mares, and internal medicine in general. Meanwhile, I kept interested on doing research. Therefore, I attended several scientific meetings and performed different internships abroad that allowed me to have an international network. In 2018 I finished my Master of Science working on equine oocyte vitrification with the partnership of Dr. Katrin Hinrichs from Texas A&M, Dr. Gabriel Dalvit from Buenos Aires University, and Dr. Diana Gomez from INSER.

Currently, I am working on my Ph.D. at Ghent University in Belgium, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Ann Van Soom. on oocyte vitrification.

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