Joanna Souza-Fabjan

Universidade Federal Fluminense

Joanna MG Souza-Fabjan has studied Veterinary Medicine and is currently a professor and researcher in the Reproduction Sector, at the Veterinary School of Universidade Federal Fluminense, Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She is member of two Graduate Programs at the same University: Veterinary Medicine (Animal Clinics and Reproduction) and in Sciences and Biotechnology. Dr. Souza-Fabjan’s research interest have been revolving around reproductive biotechnologies in farm animals, mainly small ruminant species, and recently also the domestic cat as a model for endangered felids. Her primary research goals are to advance our understanding of the ovarian function using ultrasonography as well as to develop and refine methods of estrus synchronization, artificial insemination, in vitro and in vivo embryo production, and gamete/embryo cryopreservation. Her studies have been supported by major Brazilian funding agencies, and she published more than 100 original articles and invited reviews in top-ranked scientific journals. For her research achievements to date, she has been awarded a prestigious Young Scientist of Rio de Janeiro State prize (2018); a CNPq fellowship (2019); and the “Early career achievement – Scientist” award from IETS (2020).

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