Pasqualino Loi

University of Teramo

My main Scientific interest is Developmental Biology and particularly all aspects of Biotechnologies applicable on embryos with a focus on embryonic manipulation and nuclear transfer (cloning). My current area of research is nuclear reprogramming and the epigenetic modification of DNA induced on early embryos by cloning and other in vitro manipulations. I have 25 years experience on reproductive control of male and female in domestic and wild ruminants, including in vitro generation of embryos and all associated technologies (embryo freezing, embryo transfer, cloning by somatic cell nuclear transfer). The Laboratory Crew (5 post docs) is made of experienced scientists, fully independent in planning laboratory activities, research grants and scientific publications. My laboratory is endowed with stat of art equipment hosted in new facilities (built 2000). External facilities for animal farming, laboratories for embryo transfer, semen collection and processing) are available through a collaboration within the Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale (located in the research station “Gattia”).

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