Susanne E Ulbrich

ETH Zurich


Susanne E Ulbrich is an expert on livestock physiology, focusing on relationships that impact on fertility and reproduction. She studied Agricultural Sciences with a focus on Animal Sciences at the Technical University Munich (TUM), followed by postgraduate studies in Biotechnology. In 2005, she received her doctorate in physiology at the TUM with distinction. Susanne Ulbrich has been Full Professor of Animal Physiology at the Institute of Agricultural Sciences of ETH Zurich, Switzerland, since 2013. Her professorship is an important element in the World Food strategy of the Department of Environmental Systems Science. 

Susanne Ulbrich`s group focuses on understanding the complex regulation of growth and performance by undertaking a comparative approach across species and scales. The species of interest are both livestock and wildlife species including cattle, pigs and the roe deer and the scales range from embryo culture to extensive field work. Reproductive challenges are addressed and include an epigenetic perspective on embryo development. The research evolves around understanding which factors are essential for the establishment of a successful pregnancy. Key questions include how maternal exposure to environmental chemicals or different feeding regimes affect embryo development, what signalling factors the embryo uses to communicate with the mother during early embryo development, and how the embryonic microenvironment can control embryonic developmental pace.

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