Zvi Roth

Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Prof. Roth is a recognized leader in the fields of Reproductive Physiology and Embryology in Dairy Cows. He received his education in the Faculty of Agriculture, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. His postdoctoral research was performed at Pete J. Hansen Laboratory, University of Florida USA. Currently, Prof. Roth was appointed as associate professor in 2016, at the department Animal Science, the Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot, Israel. Prof. Roth is co-authored over 70 publications, with h-index = 25. Prof. Roth is leading a 'Reproductive Physiology' group which focuses on environmental stressors and their effects on female and male gametes. His research has global implications, taking into consideration global climate change and the increasing awareness of pollutants as biologically active molecules. The work in Prof. Roth laboratory involves in-vivo and in-vitro experimental approaches to study the effect of environmental thermal stress on oocyte competence and embryonic development. These include physiological, morphokinetic, cellular and molecular aspects. In the framework of the Hebrew University Center of Excellence in Agriculture and Environmental Health (HUCEAEH; http://www.environmental-health.huji.ac.il/bioaccumulation.html), Prof. Roth leads a 'Reproductive Toxicology Research Program' that deals with the risks associated with exposure of oocyte and sperm to environmental toxins, while using the bovine as a model.

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