Livestock Embryo Technology…since 1990, it’s what we’re about. From hands-on ET, OPU and AI training… to assisting with your specific product requirements. Now featuring OPU instruments from WTA company and media from IVF BIOSCIENCE.

Agtech’s staff takes time to understand the breeding outcomes and associated costs that you are seeking for your beef or dairy operation, or for your veterinary IVF & MOET practice. 

We appreciate the challenges you face with your reproduction programs and work to provide solutions that influence your success. Agtech designs its ET instruments, consumables and liquid medium to deliver efficacy and profitability to your business, and to your client’s dairy or beef operation. 

International customers should check out our NEW web store (agtechinc.com) which lets you select products, automatically determine fees for transportation and duty, and pay for everything online at your convenience. Your package moves seamlessly…from Agtech’ s office to your destination outside the United States.

Because success transfers, we take pride in customer relationships and in providing you with the products and attention to detail that you expect. We look forward to working with you!

8801 Anderson Avenue

Manhattan, KS 66503   USA

Phone: +1 (785) 776-3863

Fax: +1 (785) 776-4295


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