Calier is a company in the Indukern Group dedicated to research, development, manufacture, and marketing of products for veterinary use in production and companion animals. With headquarters in Barcelona (Spain), the company currently run commercial activities throughout Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia. 

In the ruminant segment, we are focused on reproductive technology. Our flagship product, Pluset (FSH-LH), used for the induction of superovulation in reproductively mature heifers and cows, inspires our essence. `Reproducing value` is our slogan and our continuous commitment with our customers, offering value products and spreading out scientific knowledge throughout our learning platform https://calierformacion.com/.

Calle Barcelonés, 26,
08520, Les Franqueses del Vallès
Barcelona, Spain
T: +34 938 495 133
F: +34 938 401 398

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