IMV Technologies/IMV Imaging

IMV imaging are leaders in veterinary ultrasounds. Previously known as BCF Technology and ECM (Echo Control Medical), we have been committed to helping our customers improve animal care for over 35 years. Our team of over 500 people are committed to our core values of partnership, innovation and learning. We are dedicated to providing the best equipment, advice, learning, customer care and technical support. Our ExaPad, ExaPad mini, and ExaGo pair with our Ovum Pick Up Probe that provides exceptional image quality and ease of use, with a small shaft making it easy to manipulate and incorporates a set of adapters to make it possible to use any size of needle. The innovative design ensures effective scanning in harsh environments and provides the capability to scan high volumes quickly and effectively.
  IMV Technologies is a world leader in reproductive biotechnologies. We design and develop equipment, disposable items, and preservation media used in animal reproduction. Our areas of expertise include the following: • Embryo transfer • Semen collection and analysis • Sample preparation and dilution • Packaging and cryopreservation • Assisted insemination IMV Technologies offers a wide range of ET products, including collection and freezing media, filtration devices, laboratory equipment, embryo packaging, and transfer tools. Our complete range can be found at www.imv-technologies.com.

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