IVFtech is a company producing high quality, customizable equipment for IVF laboratories, including Workstations, Incubators, Heated Tables, Tubewarmers and much more. The art and science of human assisted reproduction often demands personalized solutions where strict considerations must be given to the culture conditions and the growth environment of gametes and embryos. Key factors for success rely on providing a steady temperature close to 37°C and secure an atmosphere with the right humidity and CO2 concentration.IVFtech knows that not all laboratories are the same, that’s why IVFtech combines the bespoke nature of our high quality products with exceptional service.
DK-3660 Stenløse 
Phone +45 3940 2565
Fax +45 3940 2564
IVFtech aps – CVR no: 20892307
Contact: info@ivftech.dk

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