WTA Technologies LLC

WTA Technologies LLC is a Brazilian reproductive technology company offering service to USA customers from our  offices in Texas. We specialize in equipment and supplies for the needs of assisted animal reproduction, offering high quality solutions for follicular aspiration and oocyte collection (OPU), in vitro fertilization (IVF), embryo transfer (ET) and artificial insemination (AI). Our products are specifically designed for use in cattle, horses and small ruminants, but our laboratory equipment can be utilized for a variety of lab settings and needs. WTA serves clients throughout Brazil, the USA, Canada and Mexico, and has distributed products in countries on five separate continents. WTA is recognized as one of the premier companies in the assisted animal breeding market. Each of our products is designed to provide dependable, consistent results  at an economical price while being mindful of animal welfare. Each piece combines precision designs, quality materials and excellent workmanship.  

US Sales: +55 16 981190823 // sales@wtavet.com


WTA Brasil: +55 16 3951 8161 // comercial@wtavet.com.br




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